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Get the traditional look of a hardwood floor, but with a twist. Bamboo floors are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and tough. Bamboo, a renewable resource, takes just three to five years to reach maturity compared to up to 20 years for other popular hardwoods. It's also resistant to water damage and simple to clean and maintain. Homeowners who want the elegant, sophisticated look of bamboo can choose from colors and styles to fit any aesthetic. Take a look at our comprehensive selection today.


As consumers become more interested in sustainable building materials, cork flooring is a trend that's here to stay. Cork is made from the waste of cork wine-stopper manufacturing, so it's a recycled material harvested with sustainable manufacturing practices. However, cork floors go beyond the boring beige of bulletin boards, with a range of customizable colors and designs to choose from. Cork is designed to last at least 40 years, has natural anti-mold and microbial properties, and is fire-resistant. It also provides a cushioned feel and natural thermal and sound-dampening properties.

Radiant Heating

Tired of walking around in slippers and socks all winter? With radiant heating, you can comfortably walk barefoot across your floors even during the coldest months. While this might sound like an unattainable luxury, these systems are energy-efficient and use little electricity. They are often a smart choice for those with allergies since baseboard and forced air systems push dust and microbes into the air. Talk to one of our associates about radiant heating today.

Flooring Supplies

Visit our store to browse through all of our flooring supplies. Regardless of the type of floor you choose, we have the tools you need to install it yourself, as well as a friendly staff who can provide expert advice. Wade Distributors Inc. is also the place to shop for the special cleaning products and accessories you need.


Underlayment refers to the 1/2 to 1/4-inch of material directly under the flooring and above the subfloor. The right underlayment can enhance the long-term wear and performance of many types of floors. Some companies even give substantial extensions to warranty coverage when the recommended underlayment is used. Common materials include plywood, fiberboard, or cement board. Plywood is the best choice for floors that are applied dry, including hardwood, laminate, and engineered wood. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles, which are applied with mortar, do best with cement board or a fiber-cement combination.

Ask our sales staff about the different types and grades of underlayment—we’ll be glad to advise you, so you’ll be sure to have the best performance and most satisfaction from your new floor.