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Carpet Services for Home and Office

Choosing the proper flooring option for your home or office is crucial because of how much time you spend walking and standing on it. It can help brighten your room and set the style tone. Choosing carpet adds a unique feel and look to any room or office and Wade Distributors, Inc is happy to help replace or add it to your space. Carpet also adds cushioning that you don’t get from hardwood or tile.

One of the greatest benefits of carpet is that it is easy to maintain. Carpet also retains heat which reduces your utility bill, reduces noise, and curbs allergens better than any other flooring option. We have many different options to help bring your family and office aesthetically pleasing and functional carpet flooring options.

family on newly installed carpet

Benefits of Carpet

Wade Distributors, Inc wants to help you pick the right carpet for your space whether it’s an informal option for your home or if you need something a little more formal in your office. There are so many benefits to choosing this type of flooring and we will be right there with you the entire time to help you decide. Here are some other things to consider when purchasing:

  • Texture: Helps hide visible vacuum marks and footprints that can be created when walking, standing, and cleaning your carpet.
  • Twist: This stronger performing carpet choice is great for high traffic areas because of its durability.
  • Loop: Offers an elegant and classic look to your room. It’s best to consider the traffic flow for your room to help decide the better style and size of loop for your carpet.
  • Pattern: The choice of a pattern for your carpet helps settle the general design direction for the room in mind.

Once we are able to meet and discuss the ideas you have for your space, we will be able to fully assist with choosing your new carpet option. Call us today and we will assist with a free estimate on your new carpeting!

living room with carpet

Care & Management of Carpet

Carpet is one of the easiest types of flooring to care for when you have decided to upgrade or even just replace. There a few simple things you need when trying to maintain your new flooring and they all are incredibly manageable, even if you have a high traffic area or accidents that you might think lead to staining. Here are your options when cleaning:

  • Preventative Maintenance: Protect your carpet from the sun with drapes and curtains by limiting direct sunlight contact. Use mats at the entrance and exits to help tackle dirt from shoes and your pet’s feet.
  • Vacuuming: This helps in elongating the life of your new carpet. It is a best practice to vacuum about once a week.
  • Overall Cleaning: Get regular care from professionals with cleaning systems to help clean your entire carpet and make it like new.

While some carpets have stain resistant qualities there is no carpet that is 100% stain proof.  All carpets will require regular care and maintenance to extend their lifespan in your home or office.

Installation of Carpet

Installation of carpet can be hassle-free, and we can assist with the smooth flow of the operation. The hardest part of your carpet installation should be choosing which style and texture you want for your home or office. There are some things that you can do to help us before we arrive to get your carpet professionally installed. Please take care of these items before the big day:

  • We are happy to help remove your previous carpet or flooring before installing but would request that you make sure to clean the floor as thoroughly as possible to ensure a cleaner installation.
  • All fragile and heavy furniture items need to be removed before we can lay the new carpet. We can assist with this task or you may choose to hire someone to move them for you.
  • Measuring door clearances to make sure that the new carpet will not rub against the door when opening and closing will help us know if we need to shave them down. Rubbing the carpet can cause tears and will wear the carpet down quickly.
  • Painting before we install your new carpet will reduce the risk of spilling or dripping onto your new flooring investment.

When our team installs your carpet, you can rest easy knowing that the Wade Distributors, Inc team has been trained properly on installation techniques and that we will do everything possible to ensure that your carpet will look good now and for a long time after we have finished.

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